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Providing Security And Visibility Across All Trade Documents

Contained Investment/ Risk

Contained Investment/ Risk

Through a secure platform for exchange of documents
Enhanced Trade Facilitation

Enhanced Trade Facilitation

With simplified trade procedures & data harmonization
Co-Create Value-Added Services For The Trade Community

Co-Create Value-Added Services For The Trade Community

By integrating with OTB

The use of blockchain - technology that underpins cryptocurrencies - is gaining momentum in the global trade and logistics industry due to its potential to significantly improve visibility, tracking and security.

Contained Investment / Risk in Trying New Technology

Revolutionizing the way information is being exchanged, Open Trade Blockchain (OTB) enables secure transfer of real-time data and provides an auditable log of records for users to track changes made to the network. Open Trade Blockchain (OTB) is a permissioned blockchain of trusted nodes that provides a secure platform for exchange of documents among partners in cross-border trade. It ensures effective compliance by having contractual terms and obligations programmed directly into the system.

Further Enhancing Trade Facilitation

The collection of accurate statistics of trade goods promotes coordinated border management. Simplified trade procedures and data harmonization ensure faster customs clearance and helps save compliance cost.

Co-create Value-added Services for the Trade Community

Built on an intuitive and user-friendly interface that offers hassle free implementation, OTB makes it easy for all companies, whether digitally-savvy or not, to use the platform.

OTB has an easy-to-use interface, a drag-and-drop function that secures trade document between businesses, and Web Service APIs. Single-Windows or Single-Window Front-end Services can integrate with OTB to provide more value-added services for local trade community.

Innovative trade solutions such as Open Trade Blockchain and CALISTA will open up trade opportunities for Kazakh business and allowing us to reinforce trading relationships with ASEAN.
CEO, Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC), Kazakhstan